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The Phoebe Snow Society

Founded in 1977, the Phoebe Snow Society is a listing group for Gay, Lesbian and Bi-sexual railfans to provide people with a method to contact others with like interests in their own areas and places they may want to visit. We currently have active members in seven countries. PSS is a low key international social group of railfans whose rail interests run the gamut from armchair to professional, Private cars to model trains. PSS is NOT a dating service but rather a means to make friends with other Gay railfans.

The membership directory is the foremost benefit of membership in PSS. This list is provided to all members of the Phoebe Snow Society to provide contact information for other members. If a member chooses to do so, they may provide a short profile of themselves and their railroad interests. Copies of these profiles are sent to all members.

If you choose, you may ask that your information not be listed. If this is your choice, you will receive the membership listing, but will not have the benefit of being contacted by other members of the Society who may be visiting your area. Membership information is kept strictly confidential by the members. All members receive the periodic information update.

PSS also has a private, secure message group where members exchange messages about themselves, their travels, their railroad experiences and rail related events and activities. We have many members who are or have been railroad employees. They often share stories about their experiences while working on the high iron. The option to join this group is included with membership to the Society. .

Membership requirements for the Phoebe Snow Society are simple: A love of Trains, either full size or models, and Railroading. Applicants are required to be either Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgendered and be at least 18 years of age.

If you are a Railfan, Train nut or a wannabe, we invite you to join us.  Click here for a membership application.

To read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) click here.